How much should I charge for videography?

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Some producers/filmmakers of films will come into the camera. Others will keep their cameras out. We do not have a “one way ticket” and I am generally more apt not to charge an extra dollar for video than film. We usually have some video, but this includes a lot of “lifestyle” content. So it is hard to be 100% clear about our pricing, but I would venture a guess that in reality we charge less than we could. You will probably see a lot of “I am looking for a full time videographer” but I think the idea is to be flexible.

What is the rate of pay?

When you get to the point of asking why I want you to work for us, you will probably find someone in our company who thinks they know our rate of pay. They are wrong. That person is wrong! Our pay varies from position to position depending on how much you bring to the table. You are paid a fee by the company, not us. As I am saying here, if you were to get fired at the end of the semester and then rejoin us, you will likely not be paid for your time there.

Who is doing the actual videography?

Every project that we do, I look for someone who can do the actual filming and has some experience. These are not just people I call upon for assistance who know how to work their way through a project or a video. I look for someone who knows how to use a DSLR and has an opinion about the quality and content of a video.

How many hours of video per week?

I do not think that we ever have a rigid number of video hours. I believe that we work our way down to what we call “one-tenth of a videographer”. What I mean by that is that if a videographer has never taken a video before, or knows nothing about it, I would let them work on it, without regard to how polished it looks or how much of a budget it is. They will learn as they go.

Do the videographers come to you or are they called in?

We have to call in all videographers. I am a freelancer at the moment so I do not call videographers in. We have a small film department that has its own videographer and they take all the work we want and do it well.

Where are you looking for videographers?

All over the