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Why is the price of the video so expensive? And how should I measure this to make sure I’m not charging it with all my devices?
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Here are answers to your questions, in the form, ‘why’, ‘how’, etc., and in order, of what you should charge (if anything). If someone will do the math for you (and be more than happy to do so), that person will have a list of fees for all your devices, and it will be in your ‘why’.

Why is the price so expensive for a 30 second video?

If this is a product you’re creating for public consumption, and you are willing to share it yourself, you can charge a reasonable amount for it as a shareable media asset (a ‘stream’). You can make the entire product free for a few minutes, or a short clip, or an entire video. You can even take the entire thing as a wallpaper, or as a logo! If you know your audience is likely to download and view everything in its entirety, you can pay attention to every single tiny detail that gets downloaded, and be sure to charge a reasonable amount of money. Then the user has that extra incentive to continue, and use it longer than they normally would as a sharing asset. In general, a ‘stream’ is a free and open media asset, but you can add an extra (paid) charge. The pricing for a stream is determined by how long they will remain open, or by how much they can pay you to take them down.

For example, the basic value of a 30 second video is probably only around 200 KB, but if the image can be displayed in the full frame width of a display, you can add another 100 KB for every 3 seconds the image will be displayed, making the cost increase by 100 KB per second (not a huge amount, but it does add up). By charging a flat 15 USD, you can offer a 10 minute video for 15 USD, and another for 30 USD. It’s more than enough to give your customers an incentive to try them out, and then they’ll probably stick around to use them further.

How should I measure this to make sure I’m not charging it with all my devices?

We’ve come to a point, where all of us have a smartphone, and have a camera attached to it. These devices are not the “smart”, or “smartphone” as commonly understood. The cameras attach to our pockets, and are no more

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