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Cannabis is now used worldwide to treat a very wide range of conditions. The medical applications of cannabis and its derivatives are just beginning to be explored. The recent introduction of FDA sponsored studies in Colorado on its use as a treatment for children with epilepsy has garnered a great deal of attention from the medical community but will it have any effect? Should it be legalized? We will examine these questions with both a scientific understanding and our personal experience with what cannabis can do for our bodies and how it compares to other forms of medicine.

Scientific Background

Dealing with cannabis has been a long struggle, starting way back in 1974 when the state of New Jersey banned marijuana outright. Many states have followed suit with various types of restrictions on the plant as well; for example, medical marijuana laws are still illegal in the following states. Over the last century medical cannabis in every form has been around. Until the 1960s only about 3% of physicians in the US were aware of its medical uses. By the 1980s as many as 80% were aware of its use in some way.

It has also been said that the American College of Physicians’ (ACP) position is that it is “not advisable” to recommend cannabis as a treatment for anyone with any medical condition. As of March 29, 2014 the position was modified as it is now stated: “The ACP does not support the recreational use of cannabis for any medical indications whatsoever. Cannabis has the potential for causing addiction and dependence, and cannabis can lead to the development of serious physical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and mental diseases. The ACP fully rejects the medical use of cannabis in any form.”

Cannabis Has Been Around for a Long Time

For a long time cannabis was seen as almost an evil substance due to its negative effects. One of its effects was that it made people paranoid. People started to think that the pot they were taking was poisoning them and other people. The main use of marijuana was as a sedative treatment for chronic pain. Some people also claimed that it could work as a cure for depression. But for many years this has not been true. For a long