How much should I charge for a 1 minute video? – Videography Course

The current pricing structure is to sell the same amount of video over 20 times over the course of 5 weeks for $14.99 or $9.99 a month. Since the current pricing structure was first established by the BBC (then owned by BT), we recommend they should change it for all viewers. We would have included this in our review in the past, but felt that as we do not have the current version in our hands, we do not have a recommendation.

In the early days of online video, you would have the option of paying for an ad-free experience or a pay-per-view video. This is where the video becomes much more important than a number on a screen so we are not as opposed to paying for a pay-per-view rather than buying an ad-free (or paid) experience.

We have done several of these types of videos and many times, viewers enjoy just the free viewing experience. However, once they have enjoyed a free experience, we would like to recommend watching it again to try and get as much value as possible and maybe even take some other actions along the road to save money.

We have included a table for you to reference to help you on the way to better purchasing decisions.

Video Length

Duration of time to view the video

Duration of time to watch a video without advertisements

Video Quality

Number of minutes that the video plays

Video resolution

The number of times that the video plays in each of the available video formats (MP4 & MP4 / M4A).

The quality varies depending on where you watch it, the internet speed, and the device you are watching it on.

A lot of times we find that the video is too short just because the viewer is streaming it to their device. This happens more often with newer video on sites such as Amazon Video and YouTube.

What is a Netflix video?

Unlike some other video streaming services, Netflix is a Netflix company; they own and operate the video service. This means that they have the entire library of their video in one place and can offer different viewing options based on what they want, what they find appealing, or the content that is trending.

Also, they do not allow ads to be embedded on their videos, so we are not saying that every video you watch on Netflix that you decide to pay for, is not an ad- free experience.

Also, unlike some other

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