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Video Views of a YouTube channel = Amount of money that’s been made in revenue over several years. A million YouTube views make a channel worth anywhere from $10K to $30K over the course of a year.

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Why is Google’s view counter changing?

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve been looking for ways Google could make money and use Google+ as proof that it can! One example that’s been raised that raises this question is when Google started selling Google Plus ads. According to the blog post, the views were initially calculated incorrectly, but the view counter actually has increased because of Google Plus Ads. In any case, now that revenue is getting to the Google Analytics, the view counter is correct!

Now if you’re wondering, “Why is Google using YouTube for revenue, anyway?” and wondering “Why does the view counter show a number that wasn’t accurate?” then this is an excellent explanation.

Video views are a direct reflection of user interest in your channel. Every time you take time out of your day to spend 5 minutes watching your own channel while doing whatever it is you have to do, you are giving away value to your audience. These views are also directly reflected in revenue. Google will now pay more for the same work that you’ve already accomplished without having to waste time and effort creating a new piece of content with a bigger budget.

To put this more directly in perspective, if you had a job that would net you $5K this month, you have already earned $10K in the past month. The difference between the $10K and $5K is you will now earn $15K.

So now that the question regarding view counter and Google has been answered, check out our post on how to get your YouTube Channel to make money here!

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