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This is actually a pretty amazing thing for them to say.

A million plays for a single track doesn’t sound like much, but if they’re paying for the clicks they’re getting to the album and for the streams that they’re getting to that single track, it’s huge.

So if a song gets a million views on Spotify and a single song gets 1,000,000 plays, Spotify has probably made millions.

If you can’t afford a million dollars per song, then this is basically free.

But, of course, how does Spotify make such a massive deal out of a small number of streams?

By calculating the value of their “click”.

Let’s look at one of the biggest click-aggregation services out there, Fiverr.

Here is the actual value a job can give an individual:

The Click

Fiverr gives this job for a simple click:


The click is the value the job provided.

Let’s look at the click for a song that a person could get for free.

(Note: I am not including any other services in this equation, so I excluded the ones I know they are paying for):


The click for free is the value of the work Fiverr provided this person.

The thing that matters here is the number 1.49. This indicates the value of the job that a person can get for free as it relates to their search results.

In this case, they are getting $1 for 1,499 clicks. That’s really cool!

The cost? $19.95.

The profit? $7.94.

Here is the real question: If you could pay for the clicks that a job provided in exchange for $5.00, would a musician do it?

You bet.

That would be fantastic for both the job and the person who created it.

But they wouldn’t. That’s a really good example of how a music service can take a job and transform the value. In this example, the song created from that job was actually getting over a million clicks per month, but they were only paying the clicks in that job.
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It’s a really good example because those 1,500 clicks were worth millions.

This is not the real example though, because the payback to the musician in

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