How much does it cost to shoot a video?

In theory, we all have an annual budget for all of our video productions. So it won’t be cheap. But don’t let this worry you into shooting a video on the cheap. The right video production strategy pays off for everyone with an appropriate budget.

I don’t want to be a financial planner, but I am going to try to provide a breakdown of what our budget will look like for each shot.

There might not be a ton of variety in what you get paid. (If you can say this without laughing, I’m dead). But all of the above is going to be fairly common. So, we’ll start with two of the hardest shootable shots.

1. Lighting

What will we use for the lighting in a video? The biggest expense in most video productions is the lighting in front of our subject. And in the case of a wedding, that lighting is usually a couple. If the lighting wasn’t a big problem in your wedding, why would you want to start shooting an “interview” with someone?

The goal here is to find a way to make the light the most obvious and obvious in your video. We’ll take a look at two options for light in our footage.

2. Camera

How much do we pay for cameras?

You’ll need two. One to record from the camera and one for the edit suite.

The camera in the video, like most things, is all about “bang for the buck.”

The camera will work the same way regardless of the type of shoot you are doing. And if you’ve got a good editor with you (or an experienced wedding videographer) you’ll have plenty of flexibility over what camera you decide on and what color space and formats you choose to use.

I want to point out something that makes the camera sound like a great deal. A Canon 5D MkII camera used for video is about $10,000 for a lens with a 32 megapixel sensor and f2.4 aperture. The same camera used for photography is about $500-600 for a 35 or 50 megapixel sensor and f2.8 aperture.

Here’s the other big savings you’ll make:

No more expensive lenses.

No more expensive batteries.

No more expensive lights.

No more expensive adapters.

No more shipping.

2. Editing

What editing software will you use? Most people I know