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Video editing and exporting to your smartphone or computer are free. We use ProRes 422 and DNxHD software in addition to an external camera to help us, since most of our content is in HD or has at least 4K for best results.

So, is there anything else they’re trying to do with the company?

We have about 50 staff members, based in London, Bristol and Sydney. We have a brand new factory in Dubai just for editing, and we’re also working on getting our work to a wider fanbase of users, and other businesses in the business.

Where do you see the company in 10 years’ time?

I hope not as “Hype Machine”, but as a provider of solutions to business, where our products will be used through our own businesses, as well as via our business partners around the world.

What are you currently doing differently to other media companies?

At a very early stage of development, I’m focussing on making our video products better to make them useful and easy to use and sell. We’re not trying to compete with, but our products will be integrated into their existing system.

Is content creation and editing the main focus at the moment?

We’re currently doing very little with video, to concentrate on the bigger picture. At least for now, we’re focusing on making the best video product possible for filmmakers and their clients, and have been working hard on developing new tools to give them the best and quickest ways of achieving their video. Our team will continue to work with content creators and content buyers, and develop solutions for many areas of the business.

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