How much does it cost to record a music video? – Videography Course

$1,200 – $3,000

$5,000 – $8,000

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$12,000 – $20,000

$40,000 – $100,000


How will it be done?

Record, edit, sound, film, release, play, and perform the video. Some of these services offer a range of features including sound, voiceover, live editing, and even digital visual effects. We provide both.

“What other things can I do here?”

Get ready for some fun, and lots of fun. If we reach our $80k goal, we’ll add a lot more:

Be a part of shaping the future of our community.

Be a part of the local music scene in South County.

Be the voiceover voice of the film.

More importantly, we want to put a spotlight on South County – and South County, CA is the best place to shoot a film – and to tell our story, no matter how dark.

$20,000 – $100k

Why is South County a good location for your film?

South County is full of amazing and diverse communities who love to live like we do, enjoy our music, and embrace their local communities. And a lot of the world’s best musicians live here. We want to share our hometown story through the best of our own talent.

So help us tell a story about the best music that South County has to offer.

$80k – $250k

Why is South County a good location for the music video?

You tell me!

If we reach our $80k stretch goal, we will add in a lot more for the film.

$250k – $500k

Who am I to ask for such money?

You can ask us on our website. There’s also a Facebook group that is much more active. If you want more information on how it works, click here. If you love the film, get involved by going to our website or following us on Facebook:

We’re also on Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

All of our films are available on iTunes and YouTube.

We also support local music with shows at the Roxy Cinema in Burbank, CA, at the Music Hall of

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