How much does a videographer cost per hour? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

Does a photographer come out of the bag at a premium? How does that compare to a cameraman?

It starts a bit easier than you might think but it only gets more difficult as you’re going through your work.

I’ve got to keep in mind I’m a novice cameraman and that if I want to make enough money to fund my projects (and pay my bills), then I should be shooting with a professional.

So the question remains: can a cameraman afford to live off of a freelance camera schedule?

Let’s answer it from the top down.

We’re going to do a visual breakdown, starting with an idea of the scope as an introduction to this blog post.
How to Get Started in a Film or Television Career

I can’t promise that this won’t devastate you. You will probably be surprised how much money and time you will need to expend on each short film. I promise you that.

As far as budget go:

Camera – From $300, or more

A couple cameras can be the difference between a great short film & an okay longer one. Most people who get into short films don’t shoot as much or as frequently as people I would guess. In this post though….well, let’s just say that a good friend’s film “The New World” made me cry because of how incredibly short but so beautiful “Sisterhood” was.

Lenses – From $150-300 for a small, cheap pair. This includes lenses for the main camera. There are a lot (I’m thinking about 40 to 100) for cheap. Some are just small versions of larger prime lenses that can be taken off for low cost or even in places that no one really wants to go to shoot the main photo.

Light – From $20-100 depending on how much or how little you need for lighting, whether you use the light for yourself or for other stuff and who you shoot against. Most light costs this low for anything and you do have to find ways to make it work.

Lenses are essential and will be an absolute essential component of your shoot.

Batteries – No one really does it yet but there are batteries that charge in a matter of just a few minutes for $10.00 a piece. There are batteries that charge and recharge at a rate of about 4.2 volts a minute for $15.00 a piece.

That’s an incredible price for only the things we’re going to be focusing

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