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The ring light is quite inexpensive to get and it lasts a great while. In a recent thread in this forum I purchased a 5W ring light. It’s a great little toy for kids to play with, it’s got no moving parts and doesn’t get hot. I used a disposable plastic tube to plug the light in, and it lasts about 5 hours on a battery . If you’re a regular user then the ring light will only cost you $1 but that’s not even the most useful or useful.
How much does it take to power the ring?
The ring light has a 12v connector and the power is sourced from an automotive outlet. When a car is parked the battery will draw 5 watts from the outlet, but only when there are car lights on (when the car is turned on) will the battery draw up to 12 watts. To charge a vehicle you’ll need to make sure the outlet has 110v power.
How do I use the ring light?
To use the ring light you need a good strong lamp with a white light. It’s much better to use a white light and put a white light over your ring light in the car area.
How can I clean a ring light?
Make sure your ring light doesn’t have any dust or dirt on it. I’ve used a soft brush with the paint brush from a paint shop to clean the ring light, but this doesn’t work on the glass.
How can I keep my ring light bright for many more months than just one night?
If you can put in more than a few hours or have a very long run time, then the ring light may last a long time. Keep your lamp on until the battery dies while it’s in the car.
Can I use a power light when it’s dark in the car?
Yes, but keep in mind that the ring light needs to be powered while it’s under the car. If you use the lamp with the LED’s on the inside and the headlights on the outside, the LED’s will turn the light on and on over and over.
What do I do with my ring flashlight?
You can stick it under the hood of a car when it’s not in use and then charge the battery. Keep in mind that the ring light needs to be charged all of the time and the charge circuit needs to be shut off when the vehicle is parked.

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