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Michael Jackson screams video could be worth $1.5B, report says

The cost of a Michael Jackson scream video could total more than $1.5 billion, according to a recent report from online video streaming company Ooyala, though it’s not clear if the number amounts to what it’s saying it will.

One of the four videos that were taken from the sound of the pop star’s voice was dubbed by Jackson onto the internet, and then used to promote his “Michael Jackson for President” 2012 presidential campaign.

The Ooyala report notes, however, that while total costs are unknown, other expenditures such as marketing could add up considerably more.

“It was reported by Ooyala that the cost for the song to be used in the campaign would be $1.5 billion,” Ooyala chief financial officer Alex Polvi told Reuters.

The Ooyala report also noted that while the number is unclear, the company estimated it would need to “raise about $1.5 billion in stock based on projections from 2016 to generate the needed return on an existing investment.”

The cost of producing and advertising the video would have had its own complications because Ooyala had never produced a song that would do that.

“We were skeptical that this sort of marketing could really take off,” Polvi told Reuters.

The total cost might also vary depending on how many times the clips have been watched by viewers of the video or, in the case of the original Michael Jackson recording that Ooyala was tracking, its ability to replicate that track in the future.

“The reality is that this may involve a significant return of capital for Ooyala, which could put us in a position where our ability to recoup would be somewhat limited,” Polvi told Reuters.

Ooyala plans to use the profits from the Michael Jackson screams video to invest in “digital media products and to invest in the future of Ooyala,” Polvi said. Ooyala also has plans to invest in video content for other musical artists, he said.

For the time being, Ooyala has not disclosed the financial details of the Michael Jackson scream video nor released any financial information that would provide a reasonable estimate that the song should be worth $1.5 billion in its entirety.

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