How many megapixels is 4k?

And what about the price tag. We don’t have a ton more on the screen-size of 4k, but it’s expected to be around 12 times bigger than 720p. At first glance, Apple’s plans for the upcoming iPad will look like they were a bit too ambitious. But considering how Apple has spent the last 7 years working on a 4K display (and some have doubted if the company can ever make a fully integrated 4K display), this is probably a bit over the top. We also have no idea how a new iPhone 8 would be scaled, but Apple’s plan would make any other phone look like it was designed by a toddler. (Update: Apple has confirmed that the 4k screen would be 1080p, similar to the 3D Touch screens on the iPhone 5S, so we’re not sure this is a 3D-Touch screen design at all.) For a company that has been in the TV space the past few years, it might seem like too little, but even a little more space can mean a lot of screen space.


What if Apple finally brings 4K to the 3DS?

We asked Nintendo about the future of 3DS, and it’s clear that the company’s goal is still a touchscreen home gaming console.

We recently reported that Japanese games publisher NIS America has purchased most of Naughty Dog and The Walking Dead developer The Farm 51. NISA, like Nintendo, has an interest in creating its own IP of course. But Nintendo does have a history of focusing on creating and producing original IP instead of churning out sequels to existing games. The biggest name in the world has made the obvious decision to create something new with the 3DS with the 3D screen.

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The current line up of Wii sports titles that include exclusive entries like Kirby’s Dream Course, and Nintendo has been known to release 3DS titles that use the 3D screen in ways that would otherwise be impossible in other platforms. Some of the best Nintendo 3DS games are handheld games on the go, like Rayman Legends, Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Mario Party 7. (Nintendo’s biggest console game, Mario Party 9, also uses 3D screen technology.) The company may have a different vision going forward than Sony’s, but one thing’s for sure: Nintendo will continue focusing on bringing its games to its handhelds. If Nintendo were to bring the new 3DS home gaming to the 3DS, it wouldn’t be a big deal