How long it takes to edit a music video? – Online Videography Degree

While there’s no exact answer right now, a rough answer could be “anywhere from six weeks to three months” according to VHS video director and filmmaker James M. Fadiman, who told CNN in an email, “My own experience editing music videos in the late 90s was a lot shorter than my post-production editing hours at a high-end production company, and I think six weeks is an extreme example.” (Fadiman’s production company, Reelz, made “VHS-style” DVDs of his editing of music videos. He says his experience is unique or at least “not representative of what other people have experienced.”) “It’s a very complex job that involves a lot of things, but the most common thing that happens is that the video is changed around so much that it is in complete disarray after the edit,” says Fadiman. “We spend an incredible amount of time doing that and trying to get that out of the project. Some of it is because we think the story works better after it’s seen so we often need to pull the video up again and watch the old version. But in some cases we can’t.” VHS video editing is a very collaborative art and it takes some talented people to take what they want and add some new things to it over time. The biggest risk comes when you edit music videos. If the music stops having any meaning after you have the video edited, the entire project doesn’t go anywhere.

When will the videos be available?

To get everything in, you need the original soundtracks, which can be found under all of the artist’s albums. (If you only want the music videos, you can get the music videos individually from Soundcloud.) And that’s where the project’s financial backers come in. “If you don’t have enough money to make the videos or you’re very passionate about the music but don’t have the money to be a professional edit-maker you can still help us out and we’ll add more videos as long as there’s enough support. We are hoping to raise $250k by the end of the campaign.”

The music videos are not currently available anywhere because there is still work to be done on both the project’s official website and the official YouTube channel for the project. (They’re being added and we’re sure they’ll make it as the project’s stretch goal.) The site has just been announced for April 18, 2015.

How much will the rewards be?

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