How do you plan a music video shoot? – What Makes A Good Videographer

Do you set up a camera or set up your own?

A lot of times, the camera just works itself. For video-graphics projects, we shoot at a location that’s convenient for the people who work on the project. Some work is just a matter of finding the right light, and getting that right. If everything is set up properly, we can shoot pretty quick and just put a picture on the web. But if you’re shooting something with a professional budget, you’ll often have to get an equipment rental or set up your equipment ourselves.

What kinds of cameras do you use?
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We have a GoPro Hero3+ as our main camera, but we do shoot with the Lumix DMC-TZR as our secondary camera. We also have a Lumix G6 as our primary camera, but it can shoot from 3 to 5 lenses while we are shooting from the Hero3+. There’s also a Lumox G5 that we use for short videos while editing.

When do you shoot?

Our shoots are usually on Fridays and Saturdays. We work a lot on our own. We do not shoot for advertising unless we do it professionally. We mostly shoot for us as a fun experience.

What kind of equipment do you need to shoot a video for us?

We need a lot of different resources:

You would need lots of different devices and components:


-USB memory card reader

-MicroSD card reader

-HDMI output

-Wireless internet connection to our studio

For a professional environment, you would want an airbrush printer, an airbrush airbrush, a custom lens with an attached filter, flash unit, a sound recording system (not limited to MP3s), a high-definition camera, lights and even lots of cables. You could even use an old-fashioned camcorder and film it, but that would require you to do a big amount of editing, which would mean a lot more setup.

It’s really up to you and the requirements you have. When we shoot we will mainly use devices that are light enough to cover the whole space in the room.

Is there anything else you think people might benefit from knowing about you that we missed?

We often ask our guests to share with us what their favorite tools are. One of our guests shared that they always bring their camera with them wherever they go. They also said that they

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