How do I record music while playing YouTube? – Videographer Training Certification

A: You must have already installed Music Player Daemon (a paid app available for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and Android) on your phone and then you can install Google Music or similar streaming music application on your PC.

Q: How does it work?

A: YouTube will load and you will be able to browse the music collection on this website. You can search the internet or browse the collection in alphabetical order, browse and click on the most recently uploaded videos (which are sorted by popularity and date of creation), and also click on the music you wish to listen to.

Q: Why are my songs on a specific date/genre?

A: If you have more than 2 files that are available in the song library, they will be arranged based on their date, genre and location.

Q: I want to play only the tracks that I downloaded.

A: All the tracks will be available on the playlists and all the songs will be uploaded. You may click on the album artwork to download all the music.

Q: I want to listen for only one album.

A: It does not seem to be possible to play the songs in the order that you downloaded them, because the songs are uploaded chronologically in the file structure.

Q: Can I download music to my computer or other devices?

A: Yes, you can download the music to any device.

From Halopedia, the Halo wiki

The Warthog was a large, two-wheeled, open-topped, heavily armored semi-aquatic military vessel utilized in the Human-Covenant War. They were used as both a battle carrier, and a heavy transport/transport/dock platform.[1]

It was utilized by various UNSC armed services. In an effort to circumvent Covenant defense, the UNSC developed Warthogs that could be fired from the back.[1]

While their exact model was not known, a smaller Warthog would weigh under 100 tons[2][3] and would carry a Warthog crew of up to four. The Warthogs were armed with an enormous energy rod-type weapon known as a Mgalekgolo.[1]

Warthog combat history [ edit ]

Human-Covenant War [ edit ]

Warthogs are often used on the front lines by humans to battle Covenant forces. After decades of war, the Covenant

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