How do I record a video with music playing? – Where To Look When Recording Video

If you want your video to play in the background, you need to set the video file to video. I recommend turning this off.

You might also hear someone say “Play Audio Recording.” This usually tells you to make sure your microphone is plugged in and recording.

Here is a video to explain how to get an audio recording working with a game.

How do I get an audio recording working in Half-Life?

Audio recording is pretty easy in Half-Life. A basic audio capture card is not required. However, if you have a gamepad or similar controller hooked up your audio recording will work.

Here is a video to explain how to make an audio recording work with a game.

Why doesn’t my music play?

If you have some music playing in your game you might have some problems. Music playing in games seems to be fixed by disabling your music options in the “Options” menu. To get rid of music, go to the “Inject/Sound” menu. There you should see an option titled “Music” on it. Use that to disable the music.

What kind of effects can I have in Half-Life?

Half-Life has 2 types of particle effects:

Light Particles. Part of the Half-Life engine, used to create the sparks, fire, etc.

Flash Particles. Part of the Half-Life engine, used to create the bright and flash effects (like explosion), as well as the static and color changes to the screen.

What effects does Half-Life use to simulate explosions?

The main type of particle effects in Half-Life are:

Bolt Physics. Particles have their own energy that can be added up.

Static Shading. Particles behave like glass that have energy added and reflected.

Static Blur. Particles are constantly refracted.

Aerial Particles. Particles that behave like water.

What kind of explosions do I have in Half-Life?

There are many kinds of explosions in Half-Life:

Ballistics Explosions. These can occur in the atmosphere of the game and not on the ground.

Ranged Explosions. These can occur all over the place that can impact the player.

Glow Effect Explosions. These can be caused by plasma, other radiation, and many other things.

Suspense. These can impact

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