How do I record a video with music playing? – Using Iphone For Youtube Videos

With the camera in one hand and the microphone in the other, hold your mobile phone to the device that will be recording. Press both the record button and the record function to record video. The mic is then attached to an external microphone, which can then be used to record music and other audio.

Will I get ads when I record or play a video?

No ads will be displayed while you are recording your video with the phone. Ad-supported apps such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others that are designed for monetizing video or audio may display ads while the video is being recorded.

Can I record audio while video is being recorded?

On devices that are recording music or audio, the phone’s screen is turned off until you end recording.

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Who can download my videos?

Anyone who has permission from Google. Your video is yours to share.

Can I share my videos with people or organizations on the Google YouTube platform?

Yes, you may share your videos with people or organizations to share with them.

Does anyone have to pay for my videos?

When you upload video content, Google YouTube takes a very small cut for hosting your videos. Once you upload your video, the amount charged for the hosting will be calculated from the number of unique visitors (viewers) to your website when you uploaded it.

Does Google YouTube give refunds on a copyright infringement case?

Copyright holders like you should contact Google to discuss your case so that we may investigate the dispute and bring about your fair use rights.

Where can I download my videos?

All of your videos appear on your YouTube account in a list called “My Videos”. You can also view videos that you have already uploaded.

How are my videos sorted by title (and/or description) on YouTube?

Your videos are sorted by title, or what is the title of your piece of video. This also includes descriptions. You may view your videos by clicking on the name in the header; the “Search & Explore” search box will open.

Can I save videos to my Google Music account?

Yes, your videos are automatically downloaded to your “My Music” playlist in “Music.”

Can I delete my videos from Google Music?

You can delete your videos from Google Music by clicking on the “My Music” link in “My Music” . You may delete your videos by selecting “My

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