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Once I’ve selected the video you want to record, your music should automatically begin playing. Simply select “Record Video,” and the app will play it when you start recording.

However, if you’d rather not wait for the end of the music, here’s a few options:

1. Select “Record Audio” and you’ll hear your song playing.

2. Select “Record Audio” and you’ll hear your song playing in its entirety as you record.

3. For music that is playing, choose the sound to be recorded (or record your voice).

Once you choose to record audio, the app will automatically switch to the recording screen, where you can start recording your


On the top right, you can toggle the “Select Video” setting to “Play Recording,” and the app will only listen to the audio when you select “Play Recording.” For video that’s already playing, there’s no way to select “Play Recording,” simply press the record button.

How do I use the app to record video?

You can play the video you’ve recorded, and it’ll automatically record audio for you. In addition, you can choose when you want to play the video—for example, the video you’ve recorded with background music, or the video you’ve recorded with some music playing.

You can also record video from anywhere using your device’s location for location-based services.

How do I select an audio file to upload?

You can select an audio file that you want to upload, and the app will automatically select the audio file you choose from a list. To upload the audio file to Facebook, select “Upload Photos and Videos.” For an audio file that you’ve uploaded to Facebook, select “Upload Audio.”

Can I record audio from another device?

Yes. It’s possible for you to record videos with an iPhone while using your computer or tablet, and this could be useful.

How can I use the app?

The Spotify app’s basic interface is straightforward. It looks similar to any other music or audio app, and allows you to play the music by selecting “play/pause,” or search for specific artists or albums. For more information, see how to use the Spotify Web App for iOS.

Note: After you record a video, you can export the video to file for later playback. To do this, select “Export Video.”

By: Ryan Burton
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