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I can’t show a video background in any game. I need something to hide it from the player before it can be used.

The easiest way to make one of your own is to make a simple background (not to scale, or be distorted), or create an image that will fit in the space on the screen. Here’s a couple easy examples. I don’t know if anyone uses any of these, so if you know of someone who does, please let us know by commenting below.

You can find some pretty great examples of the things you can make online here.

What about animations like running, dancing, and running animation? I get that some people want the game to move, but sometimes I find the game feels sluggish – not that the game itself is sluggish, it just kind of feels slow to me. I want something that makes the game come to life before the first time I play it.

Let’s build some quick animations that won’t take too long. I don’t know what they are called, but I think you’ll find them useful.

Note: These examples will only work well in Chrome – Firefox will need the plugin to work on desktop browsers. I’m looking into making a Firefox extension that supports them.
Take still image from video using iPhone or iPad. (Slow ...

I’ll show you how this works later in this tutorial. For now, you can see the animations here.

In the end, you’ll have something that feels right – a quick transition animation between a few parts of a level. And that’s it!

But wait, there’s more to it!

If you’d like a full-fledged solution to making these kinds of simple animations, check out the free game creation app Pixel Animation. It has hundreds of animations to explore, and can be used right out of the box, and with no other plugins – no plugins, no scripts, no background images. I’m sure you’ll find it useful!

The best part of these examples is that it’s easy to put them anywhere – even on the desktop website. You can even do more than just hide it – the video backgrounds will be used in your online store!

In this video I cover:

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It’s like I’m not even in my own room anymore

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You can call me a bitch, call me weak, call me a bitch

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