How can I shoot better videos? – Learn Video Shooting Hindi

I want to use this camera for making videos. Here are a few things that will help: 1) Have a clear idea where to shoot and how you want the camera to be set up. 2) Take a few shots before shooting, this will give you a better feel of how the camera will react; it might seem odd at first to set up a camera this way, but it will make everything much quicker and easier. 3) You can try any camera you like but I highly recommend the Panasonic G7 instead of the Fuji X100t. Both cameras have their own advantages but a Fuji will give you the better image. 4) Take advantage of the auto exposure bracketing feature (the Panasonic uses this feature on its own), if you don’t see your subject in sharp focus, set your camera to a lower ISO so the flash will produce sharp focus. 5) Don’t make your subject too dark, either the flash will make it very dark, or the camera will need to be in low light. 6) Don’t go overboard with the zoom, you don’t want more pixels than you can fit in the frame as this could also be distracting (your background won’t look good). The Fuji X100t is also a better performer. I can’t tell much about the X100s (for its camera) but the Fujifilm X-T2 is the clear winner, at least at first. I also have the Pentax 50mm STG and a T2i (the Fuji X10 is good in my opinion but it doesn’t have an exposure bracketing feature so I don’t really know about them all). For a DSLR, the Fuji X100s and X100sii are the best. The Pentax 50mm STG is not an excellent performer at all.

Is the AF point on the X100s easy to focus? Yes. When I first got mine, I had to remove the lens cap completely, not easy to do in a small room so I just used my fingers to hold it in place. I am getting more used to this but still, it takes a little practice.

Video Recording Limits in Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras
Do you think that using the touch screens more will make or change people’s opinion of the camera: yes.

What do you think the best features of the X100s are: I think for me, the focus ring is very useful. When I am focusing on something I like to know that I am still at zero, it is easy to do. The zoom rings

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