Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos?

While there are numerous websites for making or purchasing small stereo microphones, YouTube’s mic selection has more or less stopped growing in the last few years. You may use a mic that is purchased by you or your local recording studio. We recommend the Behringer M240, Micro Microphone for YouTube and Mic M8.

Can YouTube videos be recorded in stereo?

Yes, YouTube is currently available in stereo on your YouTube videos.

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What is the difference between audio and video?

Audio and video are distinct things with their own sounds and images that you can capture or experience when recording YouTube video. Here is a link that explains the difference between audio and video, which also explains some different ways how to record and edit video on YouTube

The video and audio options are very similar, and you can go directly from a video to an audio file. It is important to know what a video is before recording, especially if you want to edit, and which option is best for you.

If you are unsure which option can be recorded, check out our tutorial on how to choose which video type you want to record and how to do it. For more on setting up a YouTube video, see How to edit a YouTube video for editing software.

There are also the audio effects and plugins available on YouTube which you can use on your video as well. Some of our recommendations include YouTube’s own built-in plugins which record the sounds, like a “sounded” button, or you can download free plugins for your browser to make your life easier.

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More ways to edit YouTube videos

As a rule, editing videos on YouTube will be more complicated than recording them if you use the same editor. The following is one tip every YouTube user should learn: Editing videos is not simple like recording a single show or a single episode, but you can make some simple changes to bring a YouTube video to its best.

Step 1: Choose a video you want to edit

YouTube lets you cut the video by hovering over the video or “commenting” it until you are given the option to choose which section of the clip you want to edit. There are a number of different ways to edit videos on YouTube and the one we have seen work the best.

Cutting down to an inch or section of a larger clip will greatly speed up the