Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos?

YouTube will not allow direct audio recording of a YouTube video, so you will need to go to Youtube’s Audio Settings and click on the Advanced Settings button. This is the option required to have direct audio recording enabled.

In the Advanced Settings menu of YouTube, you will need to uncheck the option for “Stream directly to the microphone.”

For more answers on YouTube video mic setup, see the How To: How To Play and Record YouTube Videos tutorial page.

The U.S. military has taken a major step towards bringing nuclear-tipped and nuclear-armed drones over to its side. The Pentagon is expected to officially unveil this program at the Joint Chiefs of Staff next week.

Pentagon officials have confirmed to ABC News that they are working on the design and testing of a new program that would allow drones to carry the high-power electronics needed for long-range and precision strike. They say it would cost between $30,000 and $35,000, and that it doesn’t have the same high-powered weapons such as nuclear weapons. Instead, it would use smaller non-nuclear bombs and missiles launched from ships.

Military officials believe the program will allow the Department of Defense, and eventually other agencies of the American government, to continue carrying nuclear and other nuclear-armed drones over to the side of a country, such as Iran, and have them fired off on their intended targets. It will also allow the use of drones to fly in enemy territory, such as if North Korea does in fact do it again next month.

It isn’t all good news: the drone would not be able to go to its intended target without putting the drone into a state and taking off without guidance, officials say. This is because the software that controls the drones and the electronics used to take off and fly on their own will be separate.

There are also concerns that the drones could fall into the hands of North Korea or other foreign enemies, and could be used to carry out military attacks on the United States. The White House, however, is taking no position on the idea.

“At this time, I can say unequivocally that we will respect the privacy of all Americans and expect that of our defense officials conducting test flights. We support an open environment for innovation and development, and the Department will not take any action that might result in our national security being threatened,” said White House spokeswoman Heather Nauert.

But the project, which is still in the very early stages