Do DSLR cameras take good video?

A: Yes, all DSLRs will take good video. They are the most expensive camera in the world, and will only shoot video that is at a standard 24 fps. I own an older version of the Canon Powershot SX50, with a 30D lens. The resolution is not as good as the D800, but it is enough for the type of shooting I want from it. There is also a good video app called GoPro, but I never use it for my daily work and prefer to shoot the video with a phone.

Q: Would you shoot RAW?

A: Yes, I would definitely shoot RAW. The difference between RAW and JPEG is pretty small. RAW allows you to make adjustments to the details on the black and white film inside the camera before you expose it. JPEG captures all the details in the final output, so it is a bit of a waste to make everything dark and ugly. I prefer to put that work into making the image appear more natural rather than to just do a bit of post compression.

Q: Do you always shoot at a certain ISO setting?

A: I have never experimented with ISO with a DSLR. I do prefer to shoot at the higher setting in the past, just because I think it makes the images softer. Now that I shoot at 24 fps, it is difficult enough to get any noise out of 24 fps images. ISO was never my big concern.

Q: How did the D800 come to be?

A: I saw my uncle at the DARE booth doing interviews, and realized I had never been inside a real D800 or any other camera (yet). I remember telling him that there was the D800R and it was very good. After that, we became super close friends, and it was clear that I would like to use one. As time went on, I realized that the D800 is the next big thing and I wanted to make sure that I was in a position to use the cameras they have.

Q: Where is the camera currently?

A: The D800 has just come out, and I am currently building it to shoot 5K and 4K.

Q: What software are you using, for stitching together a video?

A: I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I have been using Premiere since the early days, and have always been able to get good footage even when I had very slow computers. I am very happy with what I