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Yes? Do we need a video screenshot? We want a video screenshot! We’ve been asking for some more detailed screenshots from iOS 9 and we’re hoping you can give us a good response!

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Seth Godin’s “The 5,000 Hour Rule” (2008)

This is by far my favorite exercise in economics, but it’s probably my most infamous for good reasons. So I’ve decided to summarize it, in full, on a handy and accessible page that will help you use some of your time better.

Seth Godin’s The 5,000 Hour Rule has been featured on the Huffington Post and the Atlantic. You can sign up to his newsletter (in fact, they have an RSS feed) and you won’t see this page until it’s updated, either. However, if it’s not in your RSS reader yet, you can find it on the right of the page.

The 5,000 Hour Rule (also called the “Brent Smiley Rule”) is the famous idea that if you work the entire year, you should achieve a 5,000 hour rule for your career. Since Godin is a famous author and consultant, we’ll use “the world renowned author and consultant” moniker to give him credit for creating this concept.

The gist of the principle is this:

You can achieve 5,000 hours of work in your life if you do things that make your brain work.

In other words, doing anything you like without getting into pain or danger doesn’t count.

To see how effective Godin’s principle is in practice, consider what he did before he discovered the rule. He was a computer programmer. I don’t know what anyone would’ve guessed from that. However, there he was. One afternoon he sat down and wrote a program to get people to go to work for him.

And he didn’t start by doing it himself. He asked his wife to do it. But the program worked only because Godin let his brain work on it.

So, he didn’t spend his life living a full-time life. Then all this was for nothing! A day or two of coding wasn’t enough. A week of coding didn’t cut it, either. He needed to do it a

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