Can you screen record Netflix? – Videographer Training Certification

No, it doesn’t need to be that way. You just have to watch on a screen.

Do you still watch TV?

No. Netflix was a good option.

I am a Netflix subscriber. Is there a reason that’s not available for me?

I don’t know. It was probably Netflix’s fault.

That’s not bad. What do you think of the subscription model that Netflix offers?

I just wish they hadn’t come to Apple with the stupid pricing idea and that nobody else did it first.

Have you tried out AppleTV?

It’s not as good as Roku.

It’s not as good as YouTube TV.

Netflix has all these games, TV shows and movies and other things?

No I haven’t. I’m still using Vudu and DirecTV.

What game should I play next?

The Walking Dead. I don’t like The Walking Dead and I don’t care about the

When would you watch it again?

For Game of Thrones, when I need another break after that final episode or the credits or whatever. And we always have Game of Thrones on our phones. It’s a nice show.

Do you watch television?

I still think watching TV is better than streaming, but I’m going to keep watching Netflix and Amazon.

Netflix recently launched its ‘Farewell to Family’ streaming service for parents and children. How is it different than that of the traditional TV model?

Netflix’s approach is much more approachable than TV-on-demand or TV Everywhere.

How much did all the content cost when it launched?

It was $8 a month if you were 18 and younger.

How were you affected by the new price changes?

I wasn’t affected. I don’t think that’s a good way to put it. What I find interesting, though, is that the new price cuts were much more targeted than the old ones, even if only in the US.

What was your main reason for switching from HBO?

I was so angry that the US had to pay out billions of dollars at the last couple of rate hikes that Netflix was not going to have an impact. That’s why I switched for Netflix.

Do kids watch television any more?

Kids don’t watch it anymore.

Are you still a Netflix subscriber?

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