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On November 27 of last year, I published my first OpEd in a dozen years, “I’m a gay-basher: I just want to love my husband and my kids.” To most people, it wasn’t an opinion. It was a fact — a deeply held one, to be sure, but one they could not deny. It is impossible to have a strong positive feeling for the gay community without at least a modicum of empathy for and sympathy towards the straight community — and yet almost nothing can be taken from the fact that an OpEd is published when people don’t have very strong feelings about either group.

Today that fact is front-page news in The New York Times, in which it details the “out of marriage” saga of Robert and Brian McCarren, and the subsequent fallout that followed. This is not the Times’ fault; it should be. But a lot of us reading it today (as well as any journalists who were interested in the situation) have a pretty clear idea of how this story came to be. Some of us have known about it for a long time. Some of us have spent decades wondering about it. Some of us believe in the gay rights movement in some way. And a lot of us have spent a lot of time thinking about the gay marriage issue since the mid-1970s.

The McCarrens have long lived separate lives in Florida. During the last 10 years, they divorced, remarried, and had three children, now in fifth grade and sixth grade. All of this happened while Brian was living in California, working odd jobs, and, frankly, not particularly happy in his own home state. But it is not clear how much the fact that he was living in

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