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When I am not filming for your shows, I love to catch up on what you are writing or working on. The same thing goes for when you are in New York City. I know everything you are working on, and I am always reading what you like to read, what you are doing. That’s the thing. I have a pretty good list of things I want to see.

Do you find any of your cast mates or creators really inspire you?

I have met lots of people who work on your show, and I know a LOT who are very creative. But some of them are very good, and some of them are just mediocre. That doesn’t bother me.

So you don’t need all those people? How do you keep your family safe and get along with your castmates while you’re making Netflix originals?

I have a lot of people who are friends on set. We’re friends with each other, and I’ve known them a long time. If there is a character I don’t like or think is boring or bad, I will say it and I have an agreement with the actor. If there are any conflicts I come to a compromise. Everyone can have a good reason for any character, so that everyone is comfortable. I do talk with cast members about what direction their characters go. The idea of characters, in general, can be dangerous. I don’t want to put the onus on the actor to say, this is my direction and this character will go somewhere else or he will make a different choice. And the actress has a very free choice, just like the show. The one thing is that I really hope that I make it to the end of [our project], and I think it will be just wonderful. That kind of friendship is always a great thing.

I read in one of your books that your mom died of cancer. Have you talked to her since the tragedy?

I’m so happy that she’s not alive anymore, for a lot of reasons, and because I can’t just get to talk to her and tell her everything. But she’s the one I’m closest to.

Do you see your daughter, who plays Jessica, taking on a similar role in Netflix’s coming seasons?

I would not want her to take on that role just for pleasure. I would want her to be able to play those roles very well. For her to do that for pleasure, with some kind of drama or action or humor

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