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How to edit YouTube videos on your iPhone before uploading ...
Sure, any time you want. But it’s okay if it’s not the full video you would like to show your viewers.

How do I send an email out of this app?

The same way you would use the email in your Gmail.

I’m receiving a lot of notifications. What can I do to minimize the amount? If I don’t want to be emailed I can turn off notifications for an individual application.

How do I access the app’s built-in media management?

In the settings, under “Applications,” select the “Media” tab. You can then drag and drop photos and videos from the Photos app into the “Audio” area.

Please note that there is currently no way for users to add videos from the built-in media collection into these apps.

Can I use my photos and videos within my podcasts?

You can view, edit and share any of your photos and videos within your podcasts.

How do I remove a video from a podcast?

Open the application. Tap Select, and use the “Delete” icon. To delete more than one video you may need to hit Select multiple times.

In this video, we talk to Dr. Peter Luehrs, a professor of physics and astronomy and director of the Center for Gravitational Waves (CGSW) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Peter is a member of the Gravitational Waves Observatory (GWO) Scientific Collaboration and, together with colleagues from the German Institute for Gravitational Physics (IGM) and the National Astronomy and Astrophysics Observatory (NAO), is responsible for the detection and analysis of gravitational waves from the merging of two black holes. In this interview, he discusses the significance of GW170817 – the first confirmed detection of gravitational waves since the birth of the laboratory in 1991, as well as the most important challenge that lies ahead for the GWO team to fully understand and develop this very high-resolution event.

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