Can I record a video playing on my phone?


Can I play audio while I’m doing homework?


Can I use Google and Android apps on Mac?

Yes, but you may find some limitations.

Do I have to download all of my applications? How can I keep them up-to-date with new versions?

I have downloaded my Android apps. Is it okay if I don’t use all my applications?

For Apple apps, download and install any updates and new programs as soon as they are available and save them for future use.

For Google applications, download all of your applications from the Google Play Store. The Play Store only contains the applications you have downloaded and installed. This does not include applications that are hidden in your device or stored on your external storage.

To make Android apps available to Mac users, you can purchase or sync them to your Mac.

What happens when my child has an iPad and iPhone?

You’ll want to take a look at this tutorial on how to access your Apple accounts.

How can I change my email address or email password?

Apple’s support page for Apple ID/Apple IDs has some good information.

To delete your Apple ID and then re-enter it:

Go to the Apple Store, the Apple ID app, then the “My Account” link.

Click the “Delete My Apple ID” link.

Follow the instructions on-screen.

To re-enter your Apple ID and password:

Go to the Apple Store, the Apple ID app, then the “My Account” link.

Click the “Forgot Password” link.

Follow the instructions on-screen.

My child needs to change her address. How do I access my Apple account?

You can sign into your Apple account by going to the web portal on Apple’s home page, where you will find your account preferences.

How do I make a voice phone appointment?

If you have not made a voice phone appointment already, the person you contact must be a customer service representative in the U.S. and be able to provide a valid zip code. Do not use a service or website outside of the U.S. to make this appointment.
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Can a student sign up to receive special events for his or her school?

Yes, as long as the person requesting to receive your special event has signed up and approved