Can I record a video playing on my phone? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

We have a great video player for phones that you can see here:

Can I use SoundCloud Audio when I record a Video?

Sure, you can use SoundCloud Audio for audio when recording a video: click on the play icon, and the SoundCloud Audio app will open. Then, simply click “Record” (or “Playback,” for more advanced users) and sound will automatically record when you move your phone around the room as needed (it will also be available for audio while recording). Please note, you can only play back sound on the phone (no recording) for 30 seconds at a time, and when you’re done playing video you can either delete the soundcloud audio file or save it so you can use it again.

This is part two in an upcoming series in the coming weeks. In this post, we will look at ways we can improve the way the system handles the incoming and outgoing signals that a device transmits and receives.

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The device has a built in clock

Most smart devices today have built in clocks that they send over bluetooth. This clock is the “local” clock that represents the time zone in which the device was originally located. The device will typically have “local” clock settings that allow it to be configured to set its own local time. It’s actually quite common for people to use their Bluetooth device on their phone as they generally do not store or sync information between devices in the same room, especially when this device has not been connected to WiFi for a while. This can lead to a major problem when multiple devices can be transmitting different time zones.

In the example above, the device is located in Vancouver (Canada) whereas there are other devices nearby that were all set to GMT. At the time of this post writing, there are multiple devices in this example that are in different time zones. In all three of these situations the device would attempt to set the clock to GMT, resulting in data loss for one of the timezones. As a solution to this, some devices include options in their app to set the clock to a different timezone from where they currently are currently situated.

By default the local clock is the one used globally

By default the local clock is the one used globally on the device. This may sound like a simple change, but it has a major impact for the future development

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