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“We’ve taken a few different approaches and we’ve learned from each. One thing has stayed consistent with our efforts in the past; we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the way we’re handling content. I’m sure we’ll keep being challenged on that and that’s part of the fun.”

How much time are you spending on editing each episode?

The average time that it takes to make an episode is around 1.5 weeks, but it varies from week to week. It seems like they get more done when the seasons are on sale.

What are your goals for when a full episode is complete? How can that be improved?
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“We try to make sure that when we ship the finished episode, it’s a product that fans are really excited about. When we release a feature, that’s part of our focus; that feels really fulfilling and we want to reward the fans at the end for their support and interest. The same goes for episodes. We want more episodes released. It’s our goal not only to get more episodes, but to bring out more content. If a fan wants more of an episode, they might want to see a couple more. At least a couple more.”

Can I upload this one to YouTube? Can I upload this one to YouTube? It looks great, doesn’t it? How can I make it look a little more polished and polished… I’ll do it.

“If our fans have their eyes on it, yes, you can. And if they don’t, that’s their prerogative as fans. We want to reward that interest.”

When is your next episode? How long is it going to be?

“We like to say we’re in a “cycle” of sorts. We’ll release a short episode twice a year here, and we’ll release a long episode once a year there, but we have a specific timeframe that we want to hit. We can’t ever be on time with that, so every release will be something that will satisfy our fans and fans will be happy with a certain length or a certain tone of tone. They’ll be happy with something that’s going to be entertaining.”

Why does the first episode of an episode need to be done so early?

“The first episode of each season has to do more than just do the best it can and make sure it captures the vibe of that character. It doesn’t have to just be about the cast members,

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