Are DSLR cameras good for video?

I’ve had a fair share of them over the years (I’m now a photographer working for a major TV company where I’ve been using them for TV/video shoots) and for the most part, most of them are good for filming in the outdoors without a lot of post-production or post-processing in the picture making it easy to grab the action as it happens. The best cameras can also record very high bitrate video for longer shoots as well (but again the resolution is going to be lower than most people would be really shooting in). For most people, I imagine even if you didn’t care about post-processing the pictures will come out pretty good regardless, and also, you can probably use the same camera to make a lot of video too since the video mode is very handy especially for those DSLR video tutorials you see on YouTube.

As an aside, I’m not exactly sure what DSLR video is…it’s almost like a hybrid between still and video where you can shoot and edit images on a video camera, shoot and edit video on a small DSLR (or a couple of cameras in combination if you have a small enough monitor), then edit the final image on a more powerful computer that has a dedicated video editing software. For the most part, we really only use video for very short (2-3 minutes) clip things like news, sports action and news programs that are often short enough for it to only take a few seconds longer for the camera to capture that scene on camera in full motion. So a DSLR video with a very good zoom ability (and probably a good camera) will easily capture a good amount of the action, while maybe a little lower resolution video shots can be done, and maybe there’s also the option for you to shoot RAW without noise reduction or the ability to shoot in 4K as you can when shooting with a DSLR with more megapixels. At some point, you can use video to start with but if you know you’re going to shoot for a video (or shoot in a way that requires you to still shoot in the full resolution video mode anyway) I’d recommend using the medium format cameras for an easier way to capture the action. Just about every digital camera made for filmmaking (which makes up most of that equipment) has the option to record in “movie” mode, which is a much more complex process for one person to do than actually shooting the scene and then editing the movie on a high end video editing software.

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