Are DSLR cameras good for video? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

Not really. DSLRs are expensive and tend to require extensive post-production time. However, for the type of video you want to produce—one that would not be viable in an HD digital set, for example—an analog camera and lens combination will give a great look and feel while offering you the flexibility of working in either video or slow motion. Some DSLRs are great for this type of video, or for producing high quality still images in post-production.

Does a DSLR make more sense for creating 4K video?

A DSLR has the image, motion, and audio processing facilities to offer you the capabilities of 4K in-camera. If you want to start up in post, it can certainly be done with a Canon 5D Mark II, but the image processor would likely need the latest firmware to be able to handle the additional processing power that a DSLR has. Anamorphic and normal lenses are still available in the market from both Nikon and Olympus.

Are there any technical challenges associated with shooting with a DSLR?

When it comes to raw video processing, a DSLR’s optical flow is designed to deal with light, not with high-contrast colors. Therefore a high-quality workflow is required when utilizing a DSLR’s built-in capture unit for making raw video. This is usually done by using a workflow for converting video to an edit format before applying post-production processing, or simply using a program such as Adobe Premiere Pro for this purpose.

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In the end, video is best done as a digital process so that you can capture the experience from an as-close-as-possible perspective. Whether it is a wedding video, a news broadcast, an interview, live broadcast of a race, a documentary, or music video, a DSLR is the ideal tool for capturing the emotion of the moments that really matter.

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