Who is the richest ventriloquist? – How Ventriloquists Throw Their Voice

We don’t know. The average person thinks that Charles Laughton, the owner of the Washington show, is the wealthiest ventriloquist. I think if you asked that question, it would be probably Charlie Laughton. Charlie was the only one to stay in his office for 20 years because he said he had a vision to do something that would be a great job for his family. You know he could’ve gotten to the show. He could’ve gotten to be the top of a big pyramid of the top 25 earners in the United Sates. He might have even been on a show. So, the one thing he had was that it was a job that he would have appreciated to stay in. I think some things you really can’t measure and you can’t guess at and you can’t determine by just a poll, the fact that he gave up that kind of freedom and took a job in that job to stay in. 25

How would you describe your own personality? Like you’re not a phony at all; you’re not an actor; you’re not a stunt person. You’re really just a straight-up guy, and I find it to be pretty easy to get along with people that way, because they do care about you, and I find it easy to get along with people that way. It’s like my whole thing is people want to do something for people. If you’re a guy or a girl, they want to do something for you. If you’re a kid, they want to do something for you. If you’re rich or poor, they want something for you for money. I really believe that, and I don’t care what people think, because that is what I am, as far as I’m concerned and as long as I’m the owner of the show, I really, really don’t care what people think. I care about making the people at the show happy. You know, even if you don’t like my idea or my show or my show idea, but at least the show makes money. So, I have good fans thereā€”a friend of mine, a lawyer, a big business person, I’ll say, who’s a very generous guy. They were all on board, and so it wasn’t a big deal at all, because they all liked what I was doing. They liked the people that worked on it and liked the product and I think that my family was very pleased with it.

Did you ever think you would one day have the idea to be

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