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A close friend and performer of Ed’s suggested it was none other than Dr. J (the legendary Dr. Jekyll), who is credited with introducing the invention of the ventriloquist’s dummy. Ed’s friend confirmed that he had met Dr. J in the 1930s while the two were performing “dummy” roles for a client. The friend said they were at the “Pecan Grove” in Chicago and “discussed the need to get rid of evil spirits from the country.” Dr. J was “very nice” and even offered Ed one of those “dummy” dolls that can be used as a prop at puppet shows, the friend said. Dr. J seemed “kind of a loner,” the friend said — “as if he was not really a very nice loner.”

On Sept. 3, 1955, Ed was on his way to a show in San Antonio when he ran into a neighbor named R.O. (Ray O’Donnell). Ed said that he had a friend named Ray who was a real-life ventriloquist. When he turned down a table at the restaurant they were going to, he told Ray he knew Dr. J. He then gave Ray a copy of the Dr. J book, which had a page of Dr. J’s face on the cover — and, in the back of the notebook is Dr. J explaining the secret behind “making the dummy look like you” — “because, you see, the dummy really doesn’t believe in you, but I made him see that the dummy would see me as you.”

It was also stated on the Dr. J book that “one must be very careful to make sure you can get a good, full set of lips to do the dummy’s impression. You can’t get a “good, full nose” by just going for lip-gloss — and lips don’t seem to react to the makeup as well as an actual nose.”

It also mentioned something about having one go to the doctor to figure out why Ed kept getting his own mouth full of cold medicine when he drank lemon juice.

Ed said he had a long letter written to Dr. J about how bad his throat hurt. Dr. J told Ed to buy a case of medicine and get some other doctors to come and visit with him.

Ed told Dr. J that he had a “very bad cold” and “wanted to get off the medicine.” The letter went on to say that

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