Who is the richest ventriloquist?

In our annual poll of a sampling of top-20 figures in ventriloquism, the winner of the highest grossing year is no doubt a fellow named Donald Trumps. Donald (the Donald) reportedly earned about $35 million in 2017.

His nearest competition, though, is undoubtedly Donald Trump Jr., whose last year saw him make $16 million before his father’s election.

Read the full ranking below, and keep in mind that you can also vote for one of the names in the top 20.

20. Donald Trump Jr.

He was the fourth-richest in 2015, raking in $14 million. His dad, Donald Trump, got $46 million in 2014, so Trump Jr. is only about a fifth of the way there.

19. Scott Baio

He is set to make more in 2017: $16 million. He’s also one of the hottest stars on the scene. He starred in “Grizzly Man,” the HBO series that is loosely based on his real life. It’s called that because of what we know about Scott Baio from his appearance in the show — a real-life snake whose bite is so powerful it can cause death.

18. Tom Petty

Like many successful acts, he gets a lot of press because he also wrote and performed his own hits in the 1970s. He will surely have no shortage of free time, especially since he is reportedly getting ready to release his fourth album.

17. Donald Trump

He made $28 million last year, but the real question is why is that so much money? One theory is that Trump spent too much money on his reality TV show in order to prove himself an actor and entertainer with a strong social media following.

16. Tim Allen

He earned a reported $20 million last year, but since he has only appeared in three films and two tv shows (including the two-hour-long Netflix series “Portlandia”) his income would have to be higher if he got paid to act in the movie that bears his name.

15. Russell Brand

He was the seventh-richest man in the UK last year, and made $19 million in just five years making comedy albums, appearing in movies and TV shows.

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14. Robert De Niro

The man who created the Italian flick “The Godfather” reportedly earns more than $100 million every year. Not bad for