Who is the most famous ventriloquist? – Explore And Learn Book Set

Answer: Donald Trump. That’s right, Donald Trump. As this clip from NBC’s Today show shows, the Donald has the most popular ventriloquist in America.

He was followed by Hillary Clinton (who I’m sure is really good at her job). Then came a couple other politicians, and I’ll give you a hint: they are all just using the ventriloquist’s dummy as their own personal stilt walker and walk up to the podium and say their little jokes all while being paid by the audience.

And they should all be using the dummy to practice their craft for when they get the chance. The dummy is simply a prop that is used to demonstrate what the performers are doing, just like a puppet, or a clown in a show. That’s why people find it fun. It’s a funny sight, and it’s another reason people go there, and so they are also there to learn.

When you are performing for other than for show, you’re not practicing and you’re not learning, you’re practicing for something else. When you are learning for show, you are practicing knowledge – the knowledge of using the dummy as a walking walking dummy to get an audience member’s attention for the show, or for the show itself. They are not practicing for the purpose of entertaining the audience, but to get their audience’s attention, as that’s the whole point of being a performer. They are practicing knowledge and knowing what not to do.

That’s why it’s so important that you have the right dummy that gives you the right attitude when you stand up for the dummy while performing. That’s why we’re putting so much effort into teaching our dummies to walk up from their feet to their mouth. It’s why we put so much effort to teach our performers to stand completely still if they get confused by what you’re doing. It’s why we put so much focus on making sure an audience member is not distracted by a dummy.
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There is a right dummy to practice for. There is something better than a dummy; there is a dummy to be learned.

Don’t try to teach your performance; only practice from your performances. Learn to talk with the words before you speak them, and then practice speaking those very words. You just might learn to be the best performer at what you do. Not because you have a better ability to get your audience’s attention than the others, but because you can use your knowledge to get your audience’s attention for your

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