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He is a man named Steve Carrell, and he recently announced he was planning to give his entire salary to charity:

“Since the day Steve Carrell and I started playing, we’ve been getting money from the audience because of our talents. And I’m going to give that money to charity.”

“The more money you make performing, the more you enjoy it”

It’s not surprising that Carrell is spending his life-savings on a lot of things — his charities even include the aforementioned Steve Carrell foundation and Carrell Productions.

But what else can he give away? It’s a question we asked Carrell himself.

The answer? Just a few bucks at an event he’ll be participating in this month. Not a whole lot, but nothing to write home about, either. Carrell’s not even going to put that much time into his performance these days.

“When I went to school, I had a full-time gig. Now I’m just playing on the weekend. I get to play for a good hour or two a day, which is very time-consuming and tiresome.”

He’ll play four times in four weeks this month:

August 22 at The Roxy at the Hollywood Casino

August 23 at the Hollywood Convention Center

August 24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

August 25 at the Hollywood Forum.

Here’s a video of Carrell’s performance last week. Check out his ability to make the audience laugh. You’ll laugh, too.

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