Who is the best ventriloquist in the world? – Best Learn To Draw Books For Kids

This question was put to the following people:

• A retired high school teacher

• An actor

• A famous TV personality

• An editor/producer for the show “The Simpsons”

• Various people whose names have appeared as “Guitar” or “Vocalist” on the show The Simpsons, including Tom Green, Tom Servo, Will Ferrell, John Goodman and Phil Hartman

• Several people who play instruments on the show

But as it turns out most are not that good at it, according to former musician and TV personality, Steve Allen.

Allen was asked on the show ‘The Simpsons’ what the best guitar player is.

The Simpsons ‘Guitar’ Contest: The Best of Steve Allen

Here’s what Allen said:

“I’m going to get to do a little bit of improv, but first I just wanna say one thing. Guitar players are, like, the most obnoxious species of human ever. They really think they’re better than everybody else, and when they’re playing onstage somebody is like “Oh, Steve, you’ve gotta shut the fuck up.” I’m from a punk generation, where every morning if you weren’t doing work and your mom brought you in you’d be like “Oh, hi Mom.” I don’t think you’re supposed to get that stuff out. That’s a problem with people in my generation.”

Listen: YouTube Clip

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