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The two words “brave” and “courageous” are two of my favorites. I love both of them, but the brave one has me reaching for a second drink to take it into consideration. So, bravado would be the best.

I use caution when speaking of bravery. If I’m in the middle of giving my speech and I find myself on the floor, I say a silent prayer of thanks that I am safe. I find there is a power in silence, and I make a peace with myself and my own mind.

I also use it with humility and fear. I find that being humble to myself makes me more courageous. We use this word with the meaning “to hide or to abandon,” to hide our fear in order to express it in ways that are appropriate. When our fear is manifest in our thoughts and actions, it makes us less willing to act in fear.

To be honest, courage has a more noble meaning. One of the worst things you can do in life is to choose the path of being frightened by something — a thought, a feeling, a person, a situation. That’s the most fearful thing. The worst thing you can do is to fear others, even our own families.

Let go of fear and make room for bravery.

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Rising sea levels in China could increase global food insecurity and destabilize regional security, a new comprehensive report warns, citing increasing sea level rise as a potential risk.
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The report by the United Nations and World Bank’s International Labor Organization (ILO) points to increasing global risks from the effects of rising sea levels, and how the rising tides and storm surges currently threatening the world’s coastal regions could be even more severe.

“The effects of climate change already affect more than 1 billion people, including an estimated 776 million people living on coastal areas of high stress and high vulnerability. The increased risks of rising sea level due to climate change could increase conflict and inequality between communities and nations, with devastating economic and social effects,” the report said.

Sea level rise has been rising since 1850, making it clear that if nothing is done, the region will also suffer from the same effects, the report said.

In the past, some countries have taken steps toward limiting the rise of sea level for coastal areas, but they still present the risk of high water marks or flooding. However, many countries in Asia and Africa have largely failed to address the problem

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