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What about an explanation?

If your son is unable to answer a simple truth or answer a simple question, what can you say? If he is unable to tell a story and tells a lie and you know the lie, what are you going to tell him? If he is unable to express interest in a topic or to take an interest in a situation, what are you going to say? If he is unable to ask in a quiet voice and you know the answer, what are you going to tell him? What if he is unable to say a question well without an explanation and you know the answer? If he is unable to stand still in a crowd and you know the reasons for his inability but you cannot tell him how to work on it, you are not going to get any of your answers. If this is the case, how will you help him?

One of the most common mistakes that children make today is to tell lies of great importance. They often say things which are impossible but do not consider them difficult. When you discover this, you will quickly discover why this error occurs.

Here are some simple rules about lying:

Rule 1: You cannot lie to your children without their knowledge. For example, don’t say, “You are too old yet.” If your child is too young to understand, you need to correct him or her, even after your child asks you.

Rule 2: Lies about the past and lies about the present and about other events cannot be repeated. Instead, you should show your children how things have been. When you have a moment to go on at home, tell them that your parents and grandparents had a good life and that it is now gone. Show them with examples that they are free of all worries and stress because they have been given so much happiness without caring. When you teach them how much they got from the people about whom they heard a lie, they will come to care for people so much more than the people who were to blame.

Rule 3: A lie about a person or animal can not be repeated again and again so long as it is not a true one. A lie about a person or animal is true only when it is the truth.

Rule 4: You can not be a person and say a lie about a person, except in a special case. If you say the same thing about someone a second time, your son is not able to hear it until he comes to ask you to be honest.

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