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I have not been able to find this data, but the one on Firoz who was one time a coach in the NFL, which is a league where a high coaching salary is required to be in a position of command. He was also a player. I looked at his salary back in the day, and there is no doubt that he is the highest paid football coach. He is at a salary of $1,350,000/year. There is a question mark about his coaching fees being in the $1,000,00+ range (although that certainly has been a fact of life for many coaches). If he was still at the Jacksonville Jaguars the current salary of that coach would be more than $2 million.

Another possibility is that Terry Fator is at the level of John Harbaugh, who is at an annual salary of $4M. There are many teams with coaches with higher salaries so maybe their numbers were not captured by Firoz. Maybe he was actually at a similar level as that. But all we know for certain is that Firoz is earning a lot more than a typical coach.

Where is Terry Factor in regards to his contract? It is not publicly available.

Terry Fator was a player with the Jacksonville Jaguars from 1986 through 1990, winning four titles, five division championships, and in 1994 leading the Jaguars to the Super Bowl appearance. He was an outstanding coach and won seven division titles in nine years. When he left the Jaguars, he was the youngest head coach ever to win a Super Bowl.

He has received no salary increase because his salary was a relatively modest thing at the time. And I am sure the salary for an NFL head coach was a little bit less than the salary he now has, probably closer to what he would be in the NBA.

What is his NFL salary?

If you read the contract you will find an agreement in which the contract is for four years, so he is not a free agent in a year. I have not checked. And I can’t imagine that the Jaguars would want him to sign a contract that made it more difficult to sign other great coaches at a lower percentage of the previous contract.

He was an NFL starting head coach for 17 years, and is considered one of the best, if not the best coach in the league.

Terry Firoz was not a coach with a team in the Super Bowl. But he has accomplished a number of things in his career,

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