How rich is Jeff Dunham?

Jeff Dunham is the son of the late Jeff Dunham. He has an uncle who ran several businesses, and his uncle owns the New York Jets, the New York Yankees and a number of NFL teams.

If you ask me, Jeff Dunham’s life has been a lot of fun. I don’t really know much about New York Jets, however, so this might be a bad idea. I’m sure the people at Jets are awesome like that.

“You could be like Jeff Dunham and you’d be fine. You’re a Jets fan.”

If you ask me again, I would say that Jeff Dunham doesn’t have a whole lot going for him when compared to what other NFL players might have at their disposal. For some reason it makes me happy when I read that a sports fan has money and a nice house. Jeff Dunham does not. It seems like he’s a millionaire through and through. However, if you ask me, the “you’re a Jets fan” line only made me laugh because that seems to be all he’s ever said around here. Maybe if he were actually wealthy, or if I were a billionaire, then I’d give him credit for being nice and being nice to other people. Instead, he just seems happy and proud of his money.

“You can buy a nice house in New Jersey.”

As a matter of fact, the Jets are pretty much a two-sport town. The Jets are a professional sports team like New England Patriots, and New York Jets are an NHL team. The two teams are pretty much completely different and yet both are pretty much the same. It’s really funny to me how one of the Jets is more of a hockey team and the other is a football team.

My uncle who owns the Jets also owns the other Jets baseball team (the New York Mets), so he got a really nice team for his dad for his son.

“If you’re rich enough, they might send another car out of town”

I can’t figure out where this comes from. If Jeff Dunham has money and the Jets send a car out of town, then it’s probably the Jets sending their money back in the form of a car ticket.

“You got a nice ride to work with that Mercedes?”

Jeff Dunham’s Mercedes G63 AMG is a pretty nice vehicle. Like I said above, he’s a Jets fan, so I can’t really get upset at him for that.