How long does it take to become a ventriloquist?

I know a few people who started ventriloquists at age 15 or 16, but it’s hard to predict exactly how long it will take you to become one.

It’s easier to become someone who is able to act completely off-camera, though.

Your first step is to learn how to make your voice sound natural, just as you’d do if you were talking to someone you knew.

For example, you may use your mother’s voice or other voices you’ve heard in the past. Or, try to recreate your voice to imitate the way you talk, even if it’s not the way you were raised.

Your voice may change over the years, and you could learn to imitate your own voice at an early age, once you get used to it.

What do you want your work to do?

To inspire many minds. One person made over 10 projects using my voice. In addition to helping people in need, my voice also served as a tool for me to practice my speaking techniques and became a way to connect with people I don’t normally have dialogue with.

If you like what you do, and if other people like this, you may want to consider making videos of your voice. You might, for example, use your voice in a video for an organization that you belong to, or in an ad campaign that could be beneficial to other people or organizations (like one of my video examples).

What is the most important thing you’ve had to do to progress as a performer?

It usually involves creating something that is unique, and then taking your skills and knowledge to the next level. You’ll often hear people refer to a step in the process as “discovering yourself.” If you start off by trying to imitate the voice of a friend or other popular voice actor, as the above video makes clear, you’re probably going to fail.

What’s most important to you to help your voice become successful?

I think creating something and putting it in the public domain is pretty important. That’s a personal goal of mine. I don’t usually set goals, but it is important to have goals.

Is there anything else you’d like to add for people’s benefit?

Learn How To Be a Ventriloquist – Boys' Life magazine
Be friendly to everyone, and help them along the way, even if you don’t intend to be a mentor.

The internet is an amazing resource for discovering voices. The Internet has so many voices, you don’t