How long does it take to become a ventriloquist? – Ventriloquist Methods

We’ve asked several individuals and professionals who were, or are, involved with ventriloquism.

When can I learn to be a ventriloquist?

There are many steps involved in mastering ventriloquism, and some learn it as little as two years after completing a training program. (We recommend three years for a starting level in ventriloquism, though many learn it much sooner.)

A typical beginning ventriloquist starts by learning how to make impressions, as taught in our Ventriloquist Academy curriculum. Once this has been mastered, a ventriloquist needs to find a way to develop the ability to move his body, voice, and/or words to create a believable illusion. From there, he or she can begin practicing in front of other people to help develop good imitation skills.

What are some general steps or steps I can go through that leads to getting a chance to develop my own voice in a ventriloquist show?

1. Know what words you use in public. For example, you might say “good sir” instead of “good mister.”

2. Know where to put your hands. This is a skill you need to master if you want to imitate the feel and rhythm of an oral voice, and to make an impression on spectators. You might use your hands to hold a lighter, or to pour wine onto a plate.

3. Know how things look. For example, when you stand, raise your shoulders higher than your back would normally. When you talk, stand tall and look straight ahead. Practice making impressions by moving your hands or torso and hands, arms, and legs.

4. Know how other people say words. For example, how do other people pronounce “toaster,” “hot”, or “boom”? Ask them what they’re saying, and see if your voice matches theirs. If they say “hmm,” try “huhm” – if they say, “mmm,” try “mmmm” – if they say “mmmmm,” try “nooo” – if they say, “mmmmmm,” try “noom” – if they say, “mmmmmm,” try “mooh” – if they say “HmmmmmmMmmMmNOOOO,” say “Hooom” – remember “boom” is the sound of a boom box – if they say “mmmmmmm” say, “Ooom”

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