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If I was to do it again now, I would go to a good school and study how to do it. It really depends on the school and the teachers, but they should be able to come up with the basics of the act in an hour or two. As the skills of the actors change with the age of the actors, maybe they need to adapt the act. This is the hardest part of the act.

Do you remember how you first heard about the act?

I heard about it during an acting class at the Chicago Theatre Workshop when I was a sophomore. That is all I remember of it.

Is it not a difficult act to do if you have never been in an acting class before?

No, you never know. There are a lot of different reasons why an actor doesn’t perform this act and some are really good, and some are not. There is no wrong answer to that question. You just have to figure out what your own interests are about and figure out how you can learn the act.

I feel sorry for you, because the other kid is very good on stage.

I wouldn’t be able to get that impression if I had learned it on my own and tried it. You have to read and watch other people. But, yes, it can be a huge challenge. You have to be very well prepared for it from the time you start until the time you perform.

Were you ever offered a part in the show of your dreams?

I was invited to audition for a scene of “Hannibal Lecter: American Hannibal.” I read it and I went on to read “Hannibal Lecter: European Hannibal.” I read “Hannibal Lecter: American Lecter.” I was offered a part in “Hannibal Lecter: European Hannibal,” but I was told that they didn’t like me.

I was so happy to learn I am a ventriloquist. I had never done anything like that.

Have you ever thought about becoming a ventriloquist?

I would love to. I think I could do it for a decent amount of money. If I could go to a reputable school and learn it I would really like to go there and learn it.
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The last thing I want to ask you is, do you have any advice for fans of the show. What do you wish someone had said when they first started watching “Hannibal?” What was

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