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How long will it last? Is it even funny? The answers you’ll hopefully get will answer the above questions, or give you insight into how it all works behind the scenes. Here’s a short video about voicing my favorite video character ever, and a little how it goes:

This is where the voice-over work starts, and the voice-over work ends. You’ll be sitting on the couch or whatever it is you are doing right now, and the people are going to be telling you how to do your lines.

Once you have a voice in your head for a character, it’s a good idea to practice with it a certain way. I really only use my voice for a very brief period of time. You should do the same thing if you plan to get work. You must learn how to be confident in your voice. If you don’t, you will not get a lot of work as a professional and as a voice actor. Here are the things you should try:

Practice as much as possible. Put on a pair of headphones and sit in front of a sound machine that is tuned to that specific thing you want to do, like for recording or for voice acting. Put something on that matches the pitch and volume of your voice. When possible, learn to mimic the mannerisms, movements, and expressions that your character will have. Don’t be afraid of trying anything to make your voice seem more natural and believable. Practice listening to your voice. If you practice speaking by ear then you have already done all you need to do for your practice. It is very important that you listen at all of your VO sessions. You don’t want to miss any important cues, which means listening to everything you can. It’s also good to practice with a few different characters, or even multiple characters of one type to test what you like to do well, and what you can improve on, as well as to make sure that your voice will sound natural and realistic on your character. I personally do this for any voice-over work I do, so I always do it for everything. You want to do it for hours on end. This way, you can test and correct as needed. You could record for only a few hours, go through that many voices the first time, and you won’t get close.

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At the end of each time that you do voice-over practice, practice using yourself as an example. Listen to how natural your performance is, and how it sounds when you are

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