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He sounds like a child and he talks like a child,” he said. “When you look at his voice, you see a child. You look at someone, you recognize that he has a child’s voice in there.”

Mendola said the voice, which he said is reminiscent of his son, is more difficult to read than an actual baby. The voice may also have been influenced by an actor who wrote lyrics to the song for the ventriloquist, he claimed.

The voice, Mendola added, is usually in one part — “usually the upper throat region.”

Mendola said another important thing about the voice: The voice is “just more exaggerated” than a real child, which he said may be why children imitate the ventriloquist.

“If you want to see if he sounds real to you, you listen to a ventriloquist,” Mendola said. “You don’t need to listen to him.”

According to Mendola, ventriloquists don’t like hearing people talking as babies. “You have no way of telling when someone’s lying. Kids and people don’t lie. When you get up the ventriloquist, you can tell that person is not in their right mind, because there’s no reason for them to talk that way,” he alleged.

Calls to Mignola’s office seeking comment regarding the ventriloquist’s voice were also not returned. But in a Facebook message posted Tuesday afternoon, a father, who also said he works in the entertainment industry, said he had known the family for about a year.

“What the heck is wrong with you?” the poster wrote. “When they’re young, they make jokes about how they act, then they get old.”

The poster then posted photos of the alleged ventriloquist and said the story was “completely ridiculous” and would probably not “make the front page of most newspaper or magazine pages.”

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