How does a ventriloquist sing?

A man does it with a ventriloquist puppet. The ventriloquist (a.k.a. a ventriloquist dummy) wears a mask or a costume and goes on stage in what looks like somebody else’s voice and mimics that voice.

The ventriloquist dummy has not yet been proven capable of singing. The only way we can ascertain if they can can do so without any real vocalizations.

Is it hard to sing?

It is very difficult for a ventriloquist dummy to sing live. This is because the voice is compressed and loud. It is also extremely hard for a dummy to imitate the natural “singing” quality of the human voice. It takes some practice to sing better than a real person.

So what’s with the voice and how do we fix it?

As we all know, the human voice differs from those of other animals because it has a different range of volume and pitch. This means that a dummy cannot be a good match if you want to try to sing like a real person do. The most commonly used instrument for a dummy is the flute. This instrument is soft and the vocal cords are located at the ends of the instrument and do not connect to the back.

Most of the time, a live dummy will not be able to imitate vocal timbre at the same degree as a flute can, because the vocal cords do not connect to the flute’s back. So you might not be able to sing as much as you can with an actual flute. If you’re not familiar with a flute, you can learn how to play it with our Flute Lesson.

If you’d like to sing with a real person’s voice, you need to learn how to imitate it. Then, if you are comfortable doing so, you can try singing with a dummy using our dummy-to-voice lessons.

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